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Manage the Financial situation of your company more effectively!


general accounting training casablanca

The objective of our accounting training in Casablanca and Marrakech is to allow you to discover the world and to know yourself better.

Accounting keeps the financial state of your business healthy and ensures your success.

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Accounting Training Casablanca and Marrakech
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The basics of accounting

  • History, definition and role of accounting
  • Standardization and accounting regulations (PCG and IFRS)
  • Presentation of PCG.
  • Develop your learning skills and mental preparation for situations of tension and major issues.
  • Ensuring dynamism and motivation on a daily basis

Accounting management

  • Double-entry principle and balance sheet
  • Intermittent inventory and income statement.
  • The chart of accounts
  • Determine exercise dates, tax regime, general preferences and setting options for input, account roots, etc.,

Creation and management of basic files:

  • The basics of accounting
  • Creation and management of files
  • Create newspapers.
  • Create accounts and modify the configuration of accounts in the chart of accounts.
  • Create an analytical plan.
  • Create input templates.

Entry of accounting documents, entries:

  • Make entries in the entry grids.
  • Enter entries directly in journals.
  • Professional performance and internal state.
  • General ledger, balance, aged balance, fog, journals, schedule, bank reconciliation, reminder letters, cash control, budgetary and analytical statements,
  • VAT declaration, balance sheet and income statement.

General VAT rules

  • General introduction to tax law
  • The scope of VAT
  • Territoriality of VAT
  • VAT collected
  • Deductible VAT

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Accounting training details

Training in accounting casablanca and marrakech

Our accounting training in Morocco allows you to know the basics of accounting, to succeed in your personal and professional development.

Training Price

2000 DH / TTC Per participant

Next session date

session date : Starting from samedi 31 January 2022

Training duration

5 Days in 5 weeks

Our goals
Ensure the processing and control of accounting for sales and collection operations.
Ensure the accounting treatment of purchasing transactions
Collect supplier invoices from the various departments.
Collect payment for unpaid invoices.
Recording of accounting transactions
Establishment of annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement, etc.)
Ability to work with accounting programs
Processing of bank transactions and VAT declarations
Our participants testimonials

The accounting training that I followed gave me the knowledge and the means necessary to improve my coaching skills. The methodology used by the trainer was very fun and it was really one of the most enriching experiences I have had.

Salma Ms

Educatrice et coach

A very rich training, with a great trainer and a great group! I recommend it to everyone ! Thank you Badr and thank you to the group.

Mohamed tebbagh

For my part, this accounting training in Casablanca and Marrakech I followed it with a view to a future professional retraining. Based on practice and experimentation, it is really complete and allows you to go in depth into the techniques acquired.

Khaoula Selman

Coach personnel

I had heard about accounting years ago. But it was during an exchange with one of my relatives that I really decided to follow a training course in this area. Today, I come out of it completely transformed and this is only the beginning..

Reda hargal

Chargé de recrutement

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